Timeline: Evidence Ignored

I designed this interactive timeline for The Chauncey Bailey Project using Vuvox.com. It accompanied an Oakland Tribune story reporting that Sgt. Derwin Longmire, the lead detective assigned to investigate journalist Chauncey Bailey’s 2007 shooting, had many ties to Your Black Muslim Bakery—and several members of the bakery were suspects in Bailey’s murder. Reporters discovered Longmire had been presented with evidence that Yusuf Bey IV, the bakery CEO, was likely involved in the murder, but the detective failed to document that evidence in the case file. This timeline tracked Longmire’s many connections to the Bey family.
See the interactive timeline on CIR’s website.

The Chauncey Bailey Project won two Online Journalism Awards in 2009. This timeline was one of three features submitted to the Online News Association, which cited the project’s strong “timeline storytelling techniques” in the award for best investigative journalism website.

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